0miHead northeast on Fdr 380 toward Forest Service Rd 250 

0.68miTurn right onto Forest Service Rd 250 

0.69miContinue onto Forest Srv Rd

Destination will be on the left


1.4miHead southwest on Forest Srv Rd 

5.19miTurn left onto Forest Srv Rd/Fr250 

5.75miTurn right at Forest Service Rd 250

Destination will be on the left


7.05miHead south toward Forest Service Rd 250 

7.81miTurn right onto Forest Service Rd 250 

11.73miTurn left to stay on Forest Service Rd 250

Destination will be on the left


13.68miHead south on Forest 250 Rd toward Forest 105 Rd 

13.72miContinue onto Fdr 250

Destination will be on the left


19.44miHead south on Fdr 250 toward Aspen Cir 

30.5miTurn right onto Forest Service Rd 731 

30.99miTurn left at Fdr 250 

31.1miTurn right onto CO-17 S 

31.23miTurn left

Entering New Mexico


44.94miTurn left 

46.76miSlight left 

47.21miSlight left onto Loop Trail 

49.8miTurn right to stay on Loop Trail 

50.09miTurn right onto Forest Rd 87

Destination will be on the left


50.12miHead southwest on Forest Rd 87 

50.15miSlight left to stay on Forest Rd 87

Destination will be on the left


54.15miHead south on Forest Rd 87 

57.4miContinue onto Loop Trail 

62.14miTurn right to stay on Loop Trail

Destination will be on the right


62.47miHead southwest on Loop Trail toward Forest Rd 93 

68.95miSlight left to stay on Loop Trail 

74.22miTurn left onto US-64 E 

75.02miTurn right 

75.47miTurn left onto Loop Trail 

78.24miTurn right toward Loop Trail 

81.17miTurn left onto Loop Trail

Destination will be on the right


81.73miHead south on Loop Trail 

81.81miContinue onto Co Rd 450 

83.17miTurn right onto Forest Rd 91B 

83.68miTurn right 

84.22miTurn left 

84.95miContinue onto Loop Trail 

85.26miHead northwest on Loop Trail toward Forest Rd 274 

89.14miTurn left to stay on Loop Trail 

89.72miContinue straight onto Forest Rd 274 

92.43miTurn left onto Co Rd 437 

93.5miSlight right onto NM-111 S

Destination will be on the right


98.3miHead southeast on NM-111 S toward County Rd 239

Destination will be on the left


101.52miHead southeast on NM-111 S toward NM-576 W 

101.72miTurn right onto NM-576 W 

102.85miSlight left onto Co Rd 247 

102.89miContinue onto Forest Rd 44 

104.53miContinue straight onto Co Rd 247 

109.95miHead southwest on Co Rd 247 

111.44miTurn left 

114miContinue onto Forest Rd 122 

119.97miContinue onto Co Rd 258 

120.28miTurn right onto NM-111 S

Destination will be on the left


121.04miHead southwest on NM-111 S 

125.66miTurn left onto US-285 N 

134.59miTurn right onto NM-567 E 

143.6miTurn left onto Taos County Rd Cb-115 

143.73miHead south on Taos County Rd Cb-115 toward NM-567 W 

143.87miContinue onto NM-567 E 

146.53miContinue onto NM-570 

146.54miTurn left onto Dolores

Destination will be on the left


152.5miHead southeast on Dolores toward Cam De Los Arroyos 

152.52miTurn left at Cam De Los Arroyos 

152.88miTurn left onto NM-68 N 

163.67miTurn right onto Camino Sur Del Llano Quemado 

164.06miTurn right to stay on Camino Sur Del Llano Quemado 

164.62miTurn right onto State Rd 382 

169.57miTurn right 

170.18miTurn right 

171.03miContinue onto Forest Rd 476 

171.31miTurn right 

171.42miTurn left onto Forest Rd 114

Destination will be on the left


178.14miHead north on Forest Rd 114 Turn left onto Forest Rd 469

Destination will be on the right

216miHead southwest on Forest Rd 469 toward NM-75 E Turn left onto Rancho Ancon 

234.57miHead south on Rancho Ancon Ln toward Nambe Rd Turn left onto Cll Corvo

Destination will be on the left


284.68miHead south on Cll Corvo toward Acequia Madre Turn right onto NM-41 

304.73miHead south on NM-41 S toward Homestead Ct Turn right onto Pinabete 

345.96miHead east on Pinabete Rd toward Dow Blvd Turn right onto Crest Trail/Grand Enchantment Trail

369.23miHead southeast on Crest Trail/Grand Enchantment Trail toward Forest 422 Rd Turn rightonto US-60 W: 

428.38miHead northwest on US-60 W toward NM-47 N Turn left onto NM-1 

565.72miHead north on NM-1 N toward San Antonio Ditch Turn right onto Rimrock Ct

Destination will be on the left