special projects


  • Carl Albert Center YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOv6GKHVTmllPjIMKlp9lpA - Our YouTube channel is a space where we can upload and share archival sound and audio-visual files from our collections with the public. The Channel was actively re-programmed in the Spring of 2020 where there were 12 videos, 3 subscribers and less than 100 total views. Today, under my charge we have over 204,000 views with more than 400 subscribers.

  • Carl Albert Collection Interactive Platform of Discovery https://cacdiscovery.omeka.net/ - Exclusive to the Carl Albert Center Archives, is the vast personal collective of Albert’s written compositions, communication with authoritative global parties, correspondence with constituents, official documents, travel reports, bureaucratic processes, and much more. Linking visual history with textual passage not only enhances the ability to learn but also perpetuates critical thinking on a profound level of engagement.

  • Carl Albert Center's COVID-19/Coronavirus Digital Curation Collection - https:// caccovid19.omeka.net/  - The Carl Albert Center's Cleveland County COVID-19 Digital Collection has been created to document the announcements, policies, and response from the Cleveland County, The City of Norman (COVID-19), the Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Website, The University of Oklahoma Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates and Resource Website, both State and City of Norman video reports, and all proclamations, newsletters, and emails that we can collect.

  • Dick T. Morgan Digital Collection - https://dicktmorgan.omeka.net/ - This collection was made possible as a gift $15,000 from the Morgan Family Estate to digitize and make available the entire Dick T. Morgan Collection.

  • Carl Albert Center Human Rights Digital Archive https://www.cachumanrightsarchive.com/ - This collection was developed to address Human and Civil Rights issues throughout history including Education, Written Communication, LGBTQ +, Religion, Gun Control, Integration. Currently, we have over 13,000 digital items collected and preserved for long-term accessibility.

  • ROTC Partnership in excellence Digitization and Preservation Project https://extensionscac.com/news/archives-313/ - Created an archive program to capture and represent the OU Army ROTC’s 100-year history. The first phases of the project include training ROTC cadets in the skills of archiving; discovering, preserving, and conserving historic materials; creating an inventory; and developing an online database available to the public for research and study


  • Gateway to Oklahoma History https://gateway.okhistory.org/ - Responsible for the management, maintenance, and production of digital content from 2009-2017, as the Director of Digital Archives at the Oklahoma Historical Society. The project resulted in over 3 million pages of Oklahoma Newspaper, 1.3 million photographs, digitized, metadata collected, and packaged for the platform.

  • The Oklahoma State Legislature Preservation and Digitization Program http://www.oksenate.gov/publications.aspx - Resulting in 13 million, searchable, pages of Oklahoma State Senate Journals from statehood (1907) through the present. My workflow allowed for this project to be completed within 2 years of begin.

  • Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office Digitization and Preservation Project - http://bit.ly/2OHyVB6 - This project resulted in the transfer and preservation of over 20,000 pages of historical land records dating from before Oklahoma Statehood. This project allows for the remote access of thousands of records.

  • Oklahoma State Tourism and Recreation Digitization Project – This project resulted in over 118,000 maps, ledgers, photographs, and blueprints, to be preserved and digitized with full metadata collection for accessibility within the State OMES networked platform.

  • The Living Legends Oral History Project – 3,000 (mixed size) magnetic tape, reel-to-reel, recordings completely digitized, metadata collected, preserved, conserved, and mastered (for exhibits). This projected resulted in 5,200 individual oral histories from prominent Oklahoma citizens. This project will be available at the Gateway to Oklahoma History, 2020.

  • The Oklahoma Historical Society Audio Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/OHSaudioDept - 540 oral histories collected and packaged for various platform application. Most notable:

    • Martha Royce Blaine Collection – A collection of Pawnee, Ioway, and Ponca, Tribal oral histories, film, and documentation of language development. A sample of the 1128 individual AV items are located at http://bit.ly/2KX9jyW 

    • Clara Luper Radio Show Collection – This collection is the entire, live, radio show which Clara Luper produced on Oklahoma Radio from 1960-1980 – 900 individual shows were digitized and preserved, a sample is located http://bit.ly/2XOC7Pr

    • Behind the Scenes – This is my collection of practical and applicable preservation, conservation, and digitization methods developed during my tenure at the Oklahoma Historical Society 2009- 2017. http://bit.ly/2shh3Fz