JA Pryse, Curator, Senior Archivist III

As a dedicated educator and library/archive specialist, I often work with high-pressure, complex projects which require focused attention to accuracy as well as the efficiency with the accessibility of material within multifaceted information systems. My research and professional development focused on continuity and reliability of all collected materials and educating future librarians and archivists.

A decade of experiences in the library and archive profession have ranged from active procurement of collection materials; selection, appraisal, and processing new collections; format migration of existing collections; long-term preservation implementation; policy development; and practical experience enrichment for all students.

My goal as a facilitator of information is to continue knowledge acquisition to enhance my skill set and to share my knowledge with students and colleagues. Having a decade of experience in various levels of archival and library positions, I have cultivated several specialties detailed in the following pages.